Smart Crutches

The smartCRUTCH™ allows pressure distribution for maximum comfort with a six-fold reduction in pressure per square centimetre (0.5kg/cm2) in the average male.

The smartCRUTCH™ distributes the weight over as large a surface area as possible, thereby providing much less strain on the hands and wrists.

Weight of Single Crutch: 800 grams

Packaging Size: 820 x 220 x 130 mm

Minimum Height Adjustment: 800 mm

Maximum Height Adjustment: 1200 mm

Weight Limitation: 120 kg

Adjustment Increments: 30 mm

Forearm Adjustment Range: 270 mm to 360 mm

Outside Diameter of lower pole: 21.6 mm

Inside Diameter of upper pole: 22.16 mm

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