Ultralife Healthcare offers an extensive range of Manual and Electric hospital and homecare beds. If you need to purchase a hospital bed you will undoubtedly face a bewildering array of choices. Here is some advice to help you select the right hospital bed.

What Type of Hospital Bed is best?

It is advisable to ask advice from the patients Doctor, Nurse, Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist. Their recommendations will depend on the patient’s needs and condition. The choice of hospital bed will also depend on who will be assisting the patient. Hospital beds vary by their frames, mattresses and accessories. Hospital bed frame movements are electric, semi-electric or manual. Semi-electric beds usually allow electric control of head and foot positioning but use manual controls for bed height. The more manual controls a bed has, the more reasonably priced it would be. However, electric beds allow for easier adjustment, and are therefore the preferred option for patients who are less mobile.

Tips for selecting a Hospital Bed

When selecting a bed, it is advisable to take measurements of your doorways and stairwells to ensure the bed will be able to fit in to the selected area. It is generally advisable that when deciding where to place the hospital bed, enough space is allowed for the caregiver to access the patient from both sides of the bed. If the bed is electric or semi-electric, make sure there is an appropriate electrical outlet nearby. Make sure there is enough clearance underneath the bed for any hoists or over-bed tables that may need to go under the bed. If you have stairs in the home, it is advisable to place the bed on ground level. This is especially important if the caregiver is elderly. Being on the ground level also ensures that the patient to feels less isolated. Follow all care instructions. Make sure the person is turned often and all bedding is changed regularly, keeping all bedding wrinkle free in order to prevent bed sores.

If the person is able to leave the bed on his or her own, be sure to always have the bed in its lowest position.

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